Parish Priests at Holy Ghost

Northampton Diocese


July 2005 to present

  • Episcopal Vicar for Education since 2000
  • Director of RE (1993-2000)
  • Adviser for RE (Bucks/Berks) 1990 – 1993
  • Parish Priest at Coffee Hall 1998 – 2005
  • Dean of Milton Keynes (2003 – 2005)
  • Chair of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission
  • Chair, English Language Liturgical Consultation, Joint Liturgical Group (JB)
  • Member of the Bishops’ Conference Committees for Liturgy and Spirituality.
  • Background in Catholic secondary education in Corby, Redditch, and London.

Our Church, the Holy Ghost, has a very special place in the hearts of all who have been associated with her. Priests, deacons, sisters and parishioners have an affection for this Church that shows through from its earliest memories to the present day.

From the laying of the foundation stone by Bishop Leo Parker on Easter Monday 1964 to the Diamond anniversary of our Church in 2015,  and through to today we have been on a pilgrimage; a pilgrimage made together, hand in hand.

The first mass was celebrated here on  June 7, 1965, and in 1967, the Diocese of Dublin was invited to undertake the staffing of the Parish. As we knew it, Dublin provided us with a succession of priests who have looked after the spiritual and social wellbeing of the parishioners with remarkable finesse.

The infectious warmth and hospitality of our community soon dispelled any fears they might have had about making the trip across the water. This very special atmosphere is clearly reflected through the parish’s history. Bishop Dermot O’ Mahoney, the auxiliary Bishop of Dublin, always wondered why his priests so enjoyed the ‘Luton experience’. As he said after his visit to celebrate the parish’s Silver Jubilee, he had “seen our church in Luton, he had seen the Promised Land!” In 2002 the Ruby Jubilee, organised by the last Dublin priest, Father John Daly, and celebrated by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Bishop Ray Field of Dublin, the parish was returned to the priests of Northampton Diocese.

In  July 2005 our current Parish Priest, Monsignor Kevin McGinnell joined us from Our Lady of Lourdes, Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes, where he has been serving as Parish Priest since 1998. The Daughter of the Holy Spirit have had a house in the parish for  many years and today Sister Teresa Harrington, and Sister Margaret Connelly are a prayerful pastoral presence in our community.

One of the most noticeable features of the Holy Ghost over the years is the broad spectrum of nationalities, backgrounds, trades and talents so abundant among its parishioners.

On Pentecost Sunday 1974, the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Church, the Parish Centre was opened: a centre which today hosts many events for our thriving community. The qualities of the people are channelled into providing a rich and energetic parish, reflected in the vast number of groups, mirroring their depth of commitment and sense of belonging.

The doors of the presbytery at 33 Westbourne Road and the parish office are always welcoming and open to all. The beautifully inscribed doors in the interior of our church remind us of our pilgrimage to God and the hope that the door to our hearts will always be open wide.



Previous Residing Parish Priests (Dublin Diocese)

REV. JOSEPH NOLAN Apr 1960 – Jan 1962
REV. PATRICK SHEEHAN Sep 1960 – Sep 1962
REV. LIAM MURTAGH Jan 1962 – Sep 1965
REV. KIERAN O’SHEA Sep 1963 – May 1965
REV. AUGUSTINE BERRELL May 1965 – Jun 1967
REV. JOHN McCROSSEN Oct 1965 – Jul 1966
REV. JOHN MAHER Oct 1966 – Jan 1967
REV. GRAHAM ADAMS Jan 1967 – Feb 1967
REV. LIAM MURTAGH Jun 1967 – Jul 1968
REV.THOMAS COLREAVY Aug 1967 – Aug 1971
REV PATRICK GLEESON Jul 1968 – Nov 1970
REV. MICHEAL COMER Dec 1970 – Sep 1975
REV. PATRICK BRADY Aug 1971 – Jul 1973
REV. GERARD TANHAM Aug 1973 – Aug 1977
REV. THOMAS KEARNEY Sep 1975 – Aug 1981
REV. MICHAEL O’DONNELL May 1977 – Jul 1977
REV. JOSEPH COYNE Aug 1977 – Mar 1985
REV. LIAM BELTON Aug 1981 – Aug 1988
REV. MARTIN NOONE Mar 1985 – Aug 1992
REV. HUGH KAVANAGH Jul 1988 – Aug 1997
REV. MICHAEL MURPHY Sep 1992 – Aug 1995
REV. GREGORY O’BRIEN Sep 1995 – Jun 1996
REV. KEVIN MOORE Jul 1996 – Sep 1996
REV. JOHN DALY Oct 1996 – Jun 2005