The Sacraments of the Catholic Church


    If you are an adult thinking about baptism, or have been baptised already in anther Christina Church and want to become a Catholic please go to the section headed RCIA.

    You are thinking about asking for your child to be baptised because you want the best for them.

    The Church here in the parish is very glad to share this with you. We warmly encourage your wish to bring your child to Christ.

    First, we must be sure that you have become part of the parish community and found your place here with us in the Holy Ghost parish.

    The Church insists that we baptise children only where there is a well founded hope that they will be brought up as Catholic Christians.

    Otherwise we may think it best to ask you to defer the baptism until you are ready.


    Approach Father Kevin after Sunday mass or ring the parish office for details.
    Elaine Wheeler and Judith Beare are the parish baptism co-ordinators and they will help you.


    Application – Look through the Baptism Pack you are given and complete the application form and return that as soon as you can.  You will see the possible dates for Baptism given there from which you can choose.

    Preparation – We invite as parents and the godparents to meet with the Baptism Team to share what we mean by Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church, and how we celebrate the sacrament.

    The Presentation – At your Sunday Mass you will present your child to the people of the parish so that they can welcome them and agree to their Baptism

    Celebrating the Sacrament – We celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism on fixed Sundays in the year during the Mass which you regularly attend.

    It is best if children are brought to baptism as soon after their birth as possible so long as the families are ready and prepared. 


    WHAT ?

    The Catholic Church believes in the sanctity of marriage, and so celebrates marriage
    as one of its Sacraments.

    Anyone who is a baptised Catholic may ask to be married to another person in the Catholic Church. It is usual for the Catholic(s) to be confirmed. Both parties must be free to marry.

    We will always respond positively to a request for marriage and encourage people to marry if it right for them. It is very important that the couple fully appreciates the Church’s teaches on marriage.

    In England and Wales marriages which are solemnised in our church are also recognised by the state so long as due process is followed.

    WHO ?  

    Jesus Christ is for Christians the pattern for all human love.

    In marriage you wish to celebrate your love and bring it before God and the Church.

    The community of our Holy Ghost parish, your local Church, is very glad to share this with you. It is very important that you find your place here in this community where you ask to celebrate your marriage.

    HOW ?

    Approach Mgr Kevin who will arrange to meet with you both and begin the process .

    It will be important to ensure that you are both free to marry and that the date you wish is available.

    If you are a Catholic or a member of another Christian church  you will need to provide your baptism (and confirmation) details.

    There will be several meetings with the priest and also you will need to book into a marriage course.


    ly Ghost and St Margaret Parishes, Luton


    Saturdays at HOLY GHOST Parish Centre, 33 Westbourne Rd, LU4 8JD


    Meeting 1 – Saturday 26 February – 10am – 11am

                          Introduction for all parents and candidates


    Meeting  2 – Saturday 12 March  10am -11.30am – candidates



    ENROLLMENT at all Masses on 13 MARCH


    Meeting  3 – Saturday 9 April 10am -11.30am – candidates


    Meeting  4 – Saturday 14 May  – candidates


    BLAZE RETREAT at Northampton


    Meeting  5  – Saturday 25 June  10am -11.30 – candidates



    Meeting  5   – Sunday 3 July after 11.30am Mass– Rehearsal – candidates/sponsors



    Celebrate the Sacrament – with Bishop DAVID – Thursday 7 July, 7pm  


    Candidates,  parents, family, godparents, and anyone else you want to invite




    We trust you to be fully engaged with the whole programme

    as candidates and parents, and with Sunday mass every week.




    Lucy 07397873998 / Rachel 07735495899                           


    WHAT ?

    The sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation are the Sacraments of Initiation. They mark our belonging to the Catholic Christian Church.

    The Church invites you to ask for the Sacrament of Confirmation if you have not been confirmed already.

    The parish, your local Church is very glad to share this with you. We must be sure that you know you are part of the parish family, that you are at home here in the Holy Ghost, the Spirit you receive in Confirmation.

    This Sacrament becomes part of your life as a Christian and as an active member of our Catholic parish afterwards. What can we give to you? What will you share with us?

    WHO ?

    Candidates need to apply for the Sacrament when this is requested in the newsletter.

    We will need a copy of their Baptism certificate before we begin.

    At any time just ask Father Kevin or the parish office and you will find out when the next celebration of the Sacrament will take place.

    There will be an induction meeting is for all candidates of all ages.  Then the preparation will be set out for you. At the moment James McPherson is the lead catechist, with his team of Pat, Lucy and Rachel.

    Any Catholic who wants to be married in the Catholic Church should be confirmed.  It is also necessary to be confirmed if you are to be a Godparent at Baptism.  You must be confirmed to marry as a Catholic, or to take vows as a religious sister or brother, or to be ordained a priest .

    “What the Spirit brings is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, truthfulness, gentleness and self control.” (Galatians 5:22)







    Meeting 1 – Saturday 19 February – 10am – 11am

                          Introduction for all parents and children

                          We will explain the programme and how it will work with parents

                         working with the children at home on the pages indicates


    WORK at home: pp1-12


    ENROLLMENT at all Masses on 27 February


    Meeting 2 – Saturday 5 March – 10am-11.30 – children only


    REVIEW home work

    WORK in the group pp 13-18


    WORK at home: pp19-27



    Meeting 3 – Saturday 19 March 10am-11.30am – children only


    REVIEW home work

    WORK in the group pp 28-39


    WORK at home: pp 40-46



    Meeting 4 – Saturday 2 April 10am -11.30am – children

                                                         10am – 10.30am – parents


    REVIEW home work

    WORK in the group – preparing for the Sacrament



    1. Celebrate the Sacrament – Palm Sunday 10 April 3pm

    Children, parents, family, godparents, and anyone else you want to invite



    Leader – Mark

    with Kate Banville


    Pauline’s group : 9-10am


    Cost : £10

    WHAT ?

    At your child’s baptism you as parents and godparents promised to bring them to the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.

    The Church requires that for a child must celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, (First Confession) before s/he celebrates First Eucharist (Communion).

    The Church here in the parish is very glad to share this with you. We must be sure that you know you are part of the parish family, that you are at home here in the Holy Ghost.

    Begin now helping your child to focus on what it means to forgive and be forgiven – at home, with friends, in their prayer life and with God

    WHO ?

    As parents YOU  need to apply when the preparation programme is announced.

    Then at the parents’ meetings you will meet the preparation team of catechists and supporters, led by Mark Lavery and Pauline Black who are Co-ordinators for our parish.

    If you have any questions during the process please contact Mark.

    HOW ?

    We will organise a series of meetings on Saturday mornings for you and your children.

    We will need a copy of their Baptism certificate before we begin.

    Father Kevin will meet with parents, and the children will be introduced to the programme

    preparing for the sacraments. An essential part of their preparation is the work that you will do with them at home between each session. It will be a great chance for you to share your faith with your children].

    There is a separate programme for each sacrament.

    Once they are ready for First Reconciliation [First Confession] we will celebrate the Sacrament usually on a Sunday afternoon as a group. We hope that you will make this a very special occasion and come with your wider family to support them. Their godparents will also be very welcome on this occasion.

    When they are ready for First Eucharist [Communion] we will celebrate the Sacrament at any of the Sunday masses, preferably the one you regularly attend. Usually we try to keep this to two or three families at any mass over several Sundays. When all have made their Fst Communion we have a celebration together.




    Anointing of the sick

    If you have a request for the Sacrament of the Sick, please contact Monsignor Kevin McGinnell.

    This sacrament celebrates God’s healing power in Jesus, just as he ministered to the sick in the gospels. It can being comfort and strength when people are facing suffering both physical and mental. People also ask to celebrate the Sacrament before a major operation or a demanding course of treatment. It is important to see this Sacrament as a moment of grace for life. 

    At fixed times in the year we celebrate the Sacrament as a parish, and invite all who wish to be anointed to come together for a Mass of Anointing. Notice of this will be given some weeks in advance. 

    When someone is very ill and facing death then we can also celebrate this Sacrament as well as Reconciliation [Confession] and Communion. It is important to call a priest as soon as possible when someone is very seriously ill. 

    In care homes the staff will call a priest when needed for any of their residents.

    Patients in hospital or the hospice can contact the priest through the nursing staff or Hospital Chaplaincy.


    WHAT ?

    Jesus Christ welcomes every human being. You are invited to be like those two disciples, to come and see what it means to be a Christian in the Roman Catholic Church today.

    The community of our Holy Ghost parish, your local Church, is very glad to share this with you.

    We are all on a journey in this life, and we warmly welcome you to make this journey with us. It is our way of finding God, of celebrating who Jesus is for us, and of living our life according to his teachings.

    Some people may already know a lot about Christianity. Other may know very little. You are all very welcome!

    HOW ?

    We meet as a group once a week, and arrange that with you. Children of families often accompany parents and are also most welcome.  A different group is set up for them.

    The time we spend together allows you to see what Catholics believe and to see if it is the way you want to follow. In due course we will decide together how you might become a Catholic.

    Those who have already been baptised as a Christian will be formally received, or you will celebrate Baptism at one Easter.

    Sign up in the Church porch or ring Mgr Kevin or ask a friend who is a parishioner. 

    “What the Spirit brings is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, truthfulness, gentleness and self control.”

    (Galatians 5:22)